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Wanna hang one last time before summer? Come to Portillo's in Vernon Hills to hang with us at 5 PM on Monday, 5/20. See you there!!

Mr. Farmer (admin)

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Mr. Farmer (admin)

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Mr. Farmer (admin)

Text @mhsbyte to 81010 to get signed up for the MHS Byte Club Remind!

Check us out on Github!

What We Do:

  • Give people a safe place to ask questions and learn about code and computing.
  • Build large-scale projects in teams
  • Spread awareness about the benfits of learning to code throughout MHS.
  • Support other MHS extra-curriculars with the use of technology and coding
  • Display exemplary digital citizenship and advocate for digital safety.

What We DON'T Do:

  • Pwn Newbs (We won't ever make you feel bad for asking questions and wanting to learn! It's the only way to get better.)
  • Hack others' systems, accounts, or resources without their expressed written consent.
  • Give out assignments. This isn't a class. However, you'll be expected to progress and build something that interestes you!
  • Get distracted by other computer-y stuff. I'm looking at you Pokemon crowd.