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Bring a helmet.
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Meeting Now!

3:30 PM in C104


All MHS students are invited to the Spring Byte Bash on Wed 4/24 after school in room C104. Workshops, coding challenges and free food! Sign up here

Mr. Farmer (admin)

Byte Club VP John Lay was recognized this weekend for his creation "Maybe Motivate Me" which randomly generates motivational quotes from web-scraped quotes. Check it!

Mr. Farmer (admin)

What'ya think? There is an absolute ton of stuff we can add, but we've got log ins, projects, members, and meeting announcements! Wanna get in on this? Let's do it!

Mr. Farmer (admin)

Text @mhsbyte to 81010 to get signed up for the MHS Byte Club Remind!

Check us out on Github!

What We Do:

  • Give people a safe place to ask questions and learn about code and computing.
  • Build large-scale projects in teams
  • Spread awareness about the benfits of learning to code throughout MHS.
  • Support other MHS extra-curriculars with the use of technology and coding
  • Display exemplary digital citizenship and advocate for digital safety.

What We DON'T Do:

  • Pwn Newbs (We won't ever make you feel bad for asking questions and wanting to learn! It's the only way to get better.)
  • Hack others' systems, accounts, or resources without their expressed written consent.
  • Give out assignments. This isn't a class. However, you'll be expected to progress and build something that interestes you!
  • Get distracted by other computer-y stuff. I'm looking at you Pokemon crowd.