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Don't Be D.R.Y
Byte Club: Start Right Byte Club: Start Right

Welcome to Byte Club!

Next Meeting: Wednesday, 02/21 at 3:15 in C104.

Wanna know more about that whole "infosec" thing Trevor talked about? Here's something to get you started. Here's something else.

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The Officers of MHS Byte Club 2017-2018 :

President: Komol Patel

Vice-President: Alex Nickl

Secretary: Sergio Calderon

Webmaster: Trevor Medina

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Active 26 Members of Byte Club

In reverse order of their willingness to figure out the order of this list.

Freshly Harvested Potatoes (Inactive Members)

Remember: To avoid being a potatoe, you need to come to more meetings than you miss!

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